Pele bicycle kick
The controversial ad
For using his lookalike in an advertisement in The New York Times
without his permission, Brazilian football legend, Pelé, has slammed a lawsuit
against Korean electronics giant Samsung.
Samsung tried to get the global football icon to endorse its products
(ultrahigh-definition televisions) in 2013 but they   pulled
out of negotiations at the last minute and then opted for a model bearing a
closer resemblance to him. But, the 75 year-old would not have any of it. He
has faulted the use of his identity to promote their products and he’s suing
them for it.


The ad features a portrait-sized
image of his lookalike and a small photo of a footballer making a “modified
bicycle or scissors-kick, perfected and famously used by Pelé.”
The lawsuit was filed
by Pele IP Ownership LLC, which owns Pelé’s trademark and publicity rights. The
complaint said the advert will confuse consumers as well as hurt the value of
Pele’s endorsement rights. It is seeking $30 million in damages.

goal is to obtain fair compensation for the unauthorised use of Pele’s
identity, and to prevent future unauthorized uses,”
Pelé’s lawyer, Frederick Sperling, told

Credit: InsideWorldFootball