Siddon Look: The intentional hopeless aloof
state of observing and passively accepting whatever happens.
This posture or attitude is a mind-set and
it permeates all aspects of the life of an Individual, Nation or Continent
where the acceptable disposition is: What will be will be.
They struggle to take a stand even on the
most mundane issues and are quick to change their short-lived stance by
abdicating it rather hurriedly or dejectedly by saying: God dey or It is
well.  Forgetting that even God loathes
the unstable man!
Siddon Look mind-set breeds the
irresponsibility of abandoning responsibility to others, God or country. It
ignorantly authorizes the employment of perpetual complains, seeing and voicing
only why something cannot be done; having no desire to effect any change, they
are allies with impossibility.
They like everyone else are affected
by the undesirable state of affairs but they cannot muster the needed
resentment to wake up and say Enough! Quickly they settles into the “I can
still manage mode” and struggles along waiting for a miracle.
They depress the select few who spearhead a
patriotic demand for the collective good, their adoption of this non-natural
genetic attitude ensures that the demand loses steam and a good cause is buried
They make the best commentators, judging
those who are doing it almost right and doing it almost wrong; selfish to
praise or generous to condemn without any contributing effort to the emotion
expressed. They are a showy syndicate of blabbers.
As an Individual, in their personal lives
they hardly succeed successfully and when they do somewhat; they are greedy in
their wealth remaining poor in their minds.
The Siddon Look person is a living tragedy.

As a Nation, their productivity is low
leaving most of her citizens in preventable poverty; they do not act when a
corrupt person is honoured nor when impunity becomes the rule of law, injustice
and evil do not anger them…the attitude of the Siddon Look Citizen is
treacherous to any nation’s existence.
As a Continent, they are referenced for
negativity, an entity for study after study and statistics of what can be
wrong yet they are enmeshed in the mirage of comfort and their seemingly
humility for below average is herald as an hallmark….the Siddon Look people
are a weariness to the soul even the soul of a continent.
Siddon Look! Siddon Look!! Siddon Look!!!
We beat, shout and intimidate children into
Siddon Look by stifling their voices, opinions and thoughts, we now see that
this group have the most membership in our Nation and Continent. We have
cultivated this mind-set; now we reap the harvest of underdevelopment on a
continental scale. Shame
Wisdom behoves the parents in a family to
guarantee that the African attitude of Siddon Look is destroyed right from
infancy by letting their children participate in some decisions making process;
by their participation they are cultured to having a say in their tomorrow
for their individual, National and Continental growth.
To current custodians of Siddon Look, I
entreat very strongly, do not transfer this trait to your offspring; for you
there is yet hope….the day you resolve to be actively engaged in the matters of
your life, nation and continent you decisively jettison your Siddon Look
Do you belong to the category of the Siddon
Written By Florence Ozor
Twitter: @FlorenceOzor