Mixed reactions are trailing actress, Toyin Aimakhu’s reality TV show announcement. The fair-skinned role interpreter revealed the new project this morning on her instagram page. She said “Watch out for Keeping Up With Toyin Aimakhu (KUWTA) Reality Tv. O ma loud gan”. Read some of the comments on her IG page.


* Just please make sure you count your cost. Don’t run into debt coz those keeping up with you will desert u!!! Beautiful idea but if u have the resources, go ahead!!!

* Lmfaooo that’s exactly what am talking about but too bad we can’t keep it up with her 

* Good initiative and i wish you all the best.

* this babe and her joking sturvs 


* Well I think keeping up with TA sounds berra

* U no be good role model for the up coming ones.

* No way, when will you learn to be original

* Re u a kadashian now,lol not only keeping up,wa keep down tobaya