According to the Hindustan Times, a 34-year-old Nigerian Obinna Michael Durumchukwa was killed by his friend on his birthday party after a heated argument over Leo Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo .The incident happened in Nala Sopara, in Mumbai, India around 9:30- 10 am. Below is a report on the it.
Police said the man who was killed, Obinna Michael Durumchukwa, 34, was celebrating his birthday with his friend Nwabu Chukwuma, 22, at a rented flat, when they started to argue over who the better player was — the Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo or his counterpart at Barcelona, Lionel Messi.
Durumchukwa flung a glass at Chukwuma, which missed him and broke against the wall. Chukwuma then picked up a shard of glass and cut his friend’s throat in a fit of rage, said police inspector, Kiran Kabadi of Tulinj station.