Chelsea defender, John Terry has been commended for springing to action and caring for a 
9 year-old  girl who was hit by a car near his house in Surrey. 
A witness at the scene of the  incident said ‘John arrived just after it happened and 

was at  the scene of the accident with  the young girl.  The emergency services 

had already been   called, but John got onto the  phone to local people in the 

area who he knew were nearby – as he thought might be able to help her  


He then went back to his car to get out a blanket or a jumper, and placed it

over the the  child to help calm them down. He wanted to try and make the girl 
as  comfortable as possible. Then he stayed with her  until  the ambulances 

came, caring for her as best as he could. He was only doing what anyone 

else would have done in the same  circumstances.’