Former Chelsea player, David Luiz has accused The Blues of disrespecting one of their legends, John Terry by not offering him a new deal. The Brazilian who left Stamford Bridge for PSG two years ago in a £50million deal, told reporters the ex England Captain deserves a contract extension despite the latter making it clear he doesn’t. 
“John is probably Chelsea’s greatest ever player, the club need to show him some more respect. He has been clear that he wants to stay at the club, and they are making him wait for an answer.
“That is not how you treat a player who has given you so much and been a big part of so much success. The fans love John – if this is not handled well, they are not going to be happy.
“I am confused why John hasn’t been offered a new contract. He is still the best central defender at the club and one of the best in England, there should be no question about him being offered another a year.
“I really don’t know what to say, the whole situation has confused me. I think it’s obvious to everybody he deserves an extension.”