An update on Neymar’s tax evasion case. Brazilian authorities have reportedly frozen the Barcelona star’s assets; which consist of a yacht, jet, and several other properties valued at about $50m. This development is coming after the rejection of his appeal by a Sau Paolo Federal court a week ago.
The ex Santos player and his family were charged with tax evasion and forgery between 2011 and 2013. They reportedly refused to pay 40% of his total transfer fee to Grupo Sonda, who invested in him when was young. Barcelona claimed his total transfer fee was $74m and that $18.5m was paid to Santos, and the rest into a company owned by his father but investigation revealed that the Spanish giants actually paid $90 million for the striker. 
“He can still appeal that decision, but it is a step forward. Nothing changed to what was in place last year: if he pays what he owes, the case is closed. Our legislation isn’t too harsh.” Iagaro Jung Martins, an auditor with Brazil’s federal tax agency told The Associated Press.