A pack of professional fraudsters parading as medical doctors is on the prowl in all states of the country. A trained medical Doctor, Femi Ajose just shared his recent encounter with a quack one and has implored Nigerians to seek medical help in appropriate quarters. Read his account below.
Yesterday Morning, I parked my car at one of the popular car parks in Marina.  And I was about going out of the park, I sighted a man with a ‘modern’ sphygmomanometer checking the ‘supposed ‘ Blood pressure ‘ of one of the men working at the park. I have heard of such acts severally, so I moved closer to them pretending I wanted to have mine checked too.
The machine brought out the BP of the man : 170/ 100mmhg. The ‘street Doctor ‘ snapped and said to his patient ” Oga wahala dey o”
I quickly asked, “wetin happen?” He said the Blood sugar is too high and the one in the brain too. The one in the blood is 170 and the one in the brain is 100.
The poor patient was SCARED already!
Then bargain to sell drugs started.
Well, I had to come in. 
I showed my ID card to the man. And told him if I wasn’t in a haste I would have handed him over to the police and ensure he’s charged/sued for MURDER and will end in Jail.

I helped him. I educated him.
Let’s be careful!
You remember how people bathed with salt water,even some drank salty water during the Ebola period. Some even died as a result of ingestion of excess salt.
Don’t listen to these people. 
I’ve watched in bewilderment how some supposedly educated folks succumb to the charlatanic tendencies of the médiocres parading themselves as trained Doctors when most of them didn’t even finish secondary school.

If you have any questions, pls ask your Doctor. 

Visit an hospital, please.
I hope this gets to the appropriate quarters and hoping they’ll help bring a lasting solution to the menace.
God Bless Nigeria.