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Arsenal star, Mesut Ozil is answering your questions live. This is your chance to quiz him on all things football. Lemme quickly add that your queries might be unattended to understandably because of the barrage of questions being thrown at him by football fans all over the globe. Would provide updates on questions being thrown at him and his responses. Keep refreshing this page.
Go on twitter and search @MesutOzil1088 or follow the hashtag #AskOzil 
Q- Do you miss Brazil
Ozil- Brazil is a great country with wonderful people! ? I hope to come back one day ?
Q- What was the first English word you learnt
Ozil- Assist Of Course…ah, no kidding
Q- Describe Arsenal in 3 words
Ozil- Familiar, classy, traditional
Q- What are your favourite Emojis
Q- If you could choose a great moment from this season, what would it be?
Ozil; First time being top of the table ???
Q- What is your greatest wish
Ozil: World Peace ?✌
Q- Do you pray before each game?
Ozil- Yes I do for the health of all the players on the field
Q- Do you watch Arsenal on TV when you don’t play?
Ozil- No, as long as I can’t help the team on the field I’ll be cheering as a fan on the stands
Q- If you can be a superhero, which one will you be?
Ozil- Superman
Q- Can you assist with the ladies?
Ozil- sorry, my friend. Anybody around here to assist him?
Q- What do you like, if anything, most about living in England

?Ozil- Football passion, fairplay on the stands, British humour and Jamie Carragher on TV

Q- What’s the meaning this left hand pose? Mesut’s M? Can I imitate this?
Ozil- no no – it’s for my little niece “M”ira! You are free to use it whenever you want

Q- Ronaldo or Messi
Ozil- Flamini

Q- How did it feel when Germany won the world cup?
Ozil: There are no words for this moment

Q- Who will win Ballon d’Or this year?
Ozil- Is Flamini nominated?

Q- How does it feel to be absolutely adored and idolised by some many people?
Ozil: Oh, no reason to do so. Sometimes people love you, sometimes they put you down. But I really love my job