The ‘campaign’ talk, a familiar phrase in football. To cut the long story short, it is one of Jose Mourinho’ infamous phrases.
Real Madrid coach, Rafa Benitez believes there is a campaign against him, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and the club. Real who had a mind-blowing outing weeks back, walloping Rayo Vallecano 10-2 are two points off the top of La Liga.
Speaking at a news conference today ahead of Real’ clash with Real Sociedad, the ex Liverpool manager said
 “There is a campaign against (president) Florentino (Perez), Real Madrid and me.
“Everything is criticised that can be and where not it is manipulated which anyone can see. This is particularly clear if you look at the situation from the outside.”
“Everything is being magnified and I have a lot of experience coaching so I know to be distracted as little as possible.

“I have 24 players in the squad but when I leave out one player then it is made out that it is something personal and a load of speculation is built up. The team is a lot better than people think. My relationship with the players is infinitely better than what you read in the press. There is a communications department that keeps me informed. The team is doing some things well and others not so much.”