Carlo Ancelotti will “pay” for this statement. I can bet Mourinho has this recorded. Lol. Till he lands a new managerial role.
The Italian has said that he believes Chelsea’s failures this season have been due to a lack of motivation amongst the players. The new Bayern coach said the club’s former manager lost his job at Chelsea after failing to motivate his players.
He told Goal: “The most difficult job for a coach is keeping the squad motivated, because within a group, both one that is doing well and doing badly, there are always problems to resolve.

“When things are going well, there is a risk of relaxation; when things are going badly, obviously there is a loss of confidence. The coach must always keep a good balance in that sense, lifting the confidence levels particularly when things don’t seem to be working.
“It was a little bit of this that Mourinho paid for; the fact that the team had not started like last season, when they had a tremendous desire to do well after a bad year. This year it was exactly the opposite and he paid for the lack of motivation among the players.”

He added. “We’re always speaking of great teams. The important thing is to find a good player-coach relationship and to carry forward your ideas, managing to convince the players of the strength of your ideas. ”

“Imposing things on players is never good. It’s important to find in the group a belief in that which you are doing and to make sure it is accepted by all.”