Images of passengers disembarking from Aero Contractors airline at the Bauchi Airport raised Internet ire yesterday (till today). Expectedly, the Internet being an unforgiving place, the company faced a lot of backlash from the world. 
Adducing reasons why it resorted to the use of ladder, the carrier in a statement issued yesterday by its media consultant, SY & T, Aero Contractors said: 
“A special charter flight operated by Aero to Bauchi had problems with unserviceable equipment by the airport management in disembarking about 34 passengers from Abuja. Consequently against the airline’s wish and operation safety guideline, the passengers used a ladder to disembark.”
“Aero wishes to state that it took adequate and safety measures for this operation, including the airport’s ground staff crew to handle the air stairs equipment in Bauchi, unfortunately it became unserviceable at the point of disembarkation.
“Although the airline crew tried to calm down the passengers to wait while the equipment was being fixed, the passengers insisted on their own volition to disembark against all safety protocol of the airline. ”