Chelsea coach, Jose Mourinho has admitted being ashamed
at their (16th) position on the EPL Log. The Blues lost their 9th
game of the season during their clash with Leicester last night. Unlike last
season when their sparkling displays were crowned with a title, the Blues have flopped
irredeemably this season and have found themselves in the relegation zone.
The Portuguese however suspects foul play amongst some of
his men. He told reporters shortly after the game. “We conceded two goals that
were unacceptable for me because I know one of my best qualities is to read the
game for my players, to read the opponents, to identify every detail about the
opponent and these two goals…”

“The movement of Vardy between the two central
defenders, the cross with the left (foot by Mahrez), then Mahrez in the box,
one against one that I want one against two because I want the midfield player
to close the best foot (of Mahrez).

“They are two goals (that are) very difficult to
accept, big frustration to accept, because I feel like my work was betrayed if
it’s the right word.”

“All last season I did phenomenal work and I brought
them (Chelsea’s players) to a level that is not their level, that is more than
they really are, or this season we are doing so bad that the players for some
reason — I’m not saying all of them of course, I don’t want to put some of them
in the same basket — but clearly with some of them it’s so difficult.”

“We can’t finish top four, but we can still finish
top six because so many teams are dropping points.”

“But at the moment we’re in a zone where I feel

“I accept we are in the relegation zone but I don’t
accept we are in a relegation battle, You look at the table and we
are there but you think you are in a relegation battle if you think you are
there for three or four months. I don’t think that.”