Everton and Scotland star Steven Naismith hands out the Christmas dinner at the Loaves and Fishes charity Christmas Lunch for the homeless.

Everton forward, Steven
Naismith has again warmed his way into the hearts of a million people (perhaps
billion) worldwide.  The 29 year-old
recently sponsored Christmas lunches for hundreds of homeless people in Glasgow
and Liverpool. This isn’t his first time of doing this, he paid for their Christmas
meals when he was at Rangers and also donated tickets for Everton’s home games
to unemployed people in Liverpool. 
Speaking to reporters,
the Scottish said, “It is both humbling and inspiring in equal measure. Over the years,
I have had the opportunity to speak to the people who come to Loaves and
Fishes. Many of their stories make difficult listening, because of the
severity of hardship they have endured.
“This is something I
look forward to every year. It’s the start of Christmas for me. It’s brilliant
to come and get a banter with some great characters – they tell it as how it
is, some saying I’m a good footballer and others that they think the opposite –
and I’m happy that I can help.
“It’s a very small
gesture for me but I’m always told how much it means to them.”