Can You Guess The Most Retweeted Tweet of 2015?

You see some tweets and keep wondering how it went

1. Harry Styles. After news broke that Zayn was leaving the ‘Directioners’.

2. Ex Direction member Zayn Malik supporting his ex-band mates’ new singles ‘Drag Me Down’ single

3. Liam Payne congratulating his One Direction band mates on their 5- year anniversary

4. President Barack Obama on same-sex marriage in June.

5. Louis Tomlinson showing his love for One Direction  fans
6. Prayer of support for king Salman who was crowned King of Saudi Arabia in January 
7. Kanye West’s inspirational tweet
8. One Direction memeber, Niall Horan wishing bandmate Liam Payne happy birthday.
9. Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy’s last twitter post before he died in January. 
10. Caitlyn Jennifer’s transition