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Real Madrid striker, Karim Benzema has
claimed he is not guilty in the sex-tape scandal involving him and his
teammate, Mathieu Valbuena. The France international was charged with
conspiracy to blackmail Valbuena, over a sex tape, last month. But the Frenchman
has insisted he was only try to help his friend.
He told TF1, “Sincerely, I am not guilty. I’m
being dragged through the mud and treated like a criminal. What happened? It is
simple. I have heard there is a video of him [Valbuena] and I have told him. I
told him I could help him because I have a friend in Lyon who can manage these
“I told him that if he had told his family
already, he could let this go. I told him I have experienced these sort of
things in the past.

“We never spoke about money. I earn a good living and when I help someone, I
don’t expect anything back.
“Valbuena thanked me the day I told him.
What I do regret though, is this conversation with [my friend Karim] Zenati. I
regret it because we laughed. I think it was understandable. It was
spontaneous. I would have liked to be able to get in contact with Valbuena to
“I don’t know the people that blackmailed
him. The only one I know is Karim Zenati. He had his past and went to prison,
but he started a new life since.
“I don’t even understand why I have been in
custody and why they dirtied my name when I was the one who wanted to be heard.
I don’t understand.”