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Awwww! We might have problem with Cristiano Ronaldo’s ego on the pitch but the Portugues has done and still does some really cool stuffs outside football. Like his boundless passion for charity, how he handsomely rewarded his friend who sacrificed his career for him and many more. Another friend of his has given an account of how he changed his life.
Jose Semedo and Ronaldo met at the
academy of Sporting CP. According to Semendo, Ronaldo’s intervention after
Sporting decided that they were going to release him changed his life forever.
He explained that rather than watch him
go, Ronaldo told the club to put an extra bed in his room and that he would
exit the club if his friends leaves. Semendo who now plays for Sheffield
Wednesday said he could have joined his friends who were actively involved in
crime at Setubal if the Portuguese had not made that life-changing decision. He
added that most of his criminal friends are dead now or jailed. The pair ended
up being the only graduates from their year group
 Semedo who has now authored a book told the
Times: ​”He said they could put an extra bed in his room and that we
could share a cupboard for his clothes. He said that if I went, he would too. I
owe everything I have to him.
place I am from in Setubal is not a good place for a young man. A lot of my
friends from there were involved in crime.
He continued, “Some
of them are dead now, or in jail. If I had gone back, maybe I would have stolen
cars with them. He changed my life. My family, my children, may career: it is
all because of him.”