Swirling between mirages and reality
Lost a glimpse of the truth
Seems like it happened outside my head or inside
Not sure which
Bones weak to the marrow
And I seem to enjoy every moment that passes
I feel soft from the inside 
Can’t clearly express this feeling
Seem to be losing it
I tend to have detailed reasoning on every wave of light I see
My mouth feels somehow – can’t explain that
My eyes wide open, sleepy but can’t sleep
Feeling a sudden urge for something sugary or fruity
I seem to hear my boom box beating louder than usual, even the flexible pumps I can feel and hear them breathing
Also seems like I can hear some impossible decibel of waves
Everywhere silent like a crypt….hold on
Who says a crypt is silent? At least some bad-arse ghosts could be chilling off-grave and making some noise. 
Anyway everywhere seems so silent….but all seems noisy…
The ticking of my wrist watch that seems inaudible deep in my wardrobe
Seems to be one of the factors of noise..
I think I can also hear my silent phone sounding like a gas leakage
I feel some ounce of courage…very unusual ‘dutch courage’
After a long battle with reality
My eyes take me to dreamland
In my dream I get confused with reality. Series of funny dreams pass across my skull like an EMP. After what I thought was 10 hours but just 3 hours of sleep. I hear the birds tweeting and a big bang on my door. The door swings open and I see my friend… I guess he too had a hell of a night. What scares me is not his swollen eyes nor his funny look but the glass of drink for two and a brand new bottle of vodka. This is the same drink responsible for all my little drama before my 3 hour night rest. Still can’t distinguish some of last night’s action from reality or dream.What else can I do than to accept my friend’s lovely gesture…..more vodka please
VictorMaria is an aspiring author of fiction, fantasy and non-fiction. He also works as an artist with interests in landscape and nature drawings. He also has great passion for classical music, lego bricks, architecture, travel and wildlife. Visit his blog owlsandrobins.wordpress.com
Instagram Profile: @saintvictormaria