El Clasico, the game between Real Madrid and Barcelona, is at the centre of a match-fixing storm
A pre-designated
linesman has claimed that he has been told to influence next month’s el Clasico
in Real Madrid’s favour. The linesman whose name was not reported in the news
when it first broke in Spain for fear of reprisal said the request was made via phone call which unfortunately was not recorded.
He was asked
to call back and record the conversation but he said the alleged calls were
made through the switch board. He identified two persons behind the calls; a
match official and a member of the Spanish Football Federation’s referees.
He had
wanted to go public with the allegations but he was persuaded by his lawyer to
make a formal, legal statement to the anti-corruption investigating magistrate.
Reacting to the news, Barcelona
vice-president, Susana Monje said, “I
have no idea where they come from. It is like something out of a Kafka novel. I
hope it does not prove to be true. We will possibly discuss at it a meeting of
the board. All I can say at the moment is that if it is confirmed, it will be
dangerous story in terms of the prestige of La Liga.”

 “This is an extremely serious
accusation and is extraordinarily alarming. This needs to be resolved as soon
as possible. We cannot be talking about threats without knowing who is it. No
one should be scared. It cannot be reasonable that in 2015 someone can fear
reprisals for making an accusation like this.”
Miguel Cardenal, the
Spanish secretary of state for sport added.