They say the secret of men, or in this
case a woman, is in their stories. Read Chinwe’s story and see if you can
share yours too…
I had thought that being a graduate
would mean all my worries were over, but to my surprise it was as though jobs
were running from me. Just when I was about to give up, an old friend
recommended me for a job; to replace her colleague who was going on leave. I
was hungry to make it, and determined to prove to people that I could be
something after all. My employers saw it in me – the career drive that can
send an innocent lady to do anything possible – and that’s how I felt.  
Now it dawns on me that although I had
risen in my career, I feel like I’ve fallen so low. 
I didn’t have a choice- it was either
that… or nothing. “You have to go the
extra mile to get more out of life”,
my boss used to tell me. Other times he
would say “sacrifices are part of business… prove to me you are worthy of this
promotion; that you can do anything, no matter what it takes, to get what you
He never cared about the repercussions
as he saw us as tools that can be sent out and used all because of an extra
client in his pocket. I simply couldn’t see it, as I was blinded by pressure
and the desire to prove myself.  Sometimes I would return home with tears
in my eyes, unable to let people know what I went through to get to where I
was. That’s how my life has been. I had to grow, I had to be relevant, I had to
do it because I didn’t have a choice.”
That’s all she said before she was
overcome with tears- you wouldn’t need a soothsayer to tell you sexual
harassment is more prevalent than you can possibly imagine. Chinwe’s story echoes
the experiences of several others who are taken advantage of at work just
because they are women and are desperate.
This why the SBA Group is organising a
conference titled Sexual Harassment in Sales; seeking to answer the question –
“Is the Nigerian Business Environments Conducive for Nigerian Female
With renowned Keynote Speaker Foluke
Daramola, who is a top filmmaker and activist and founder of ‘Passion Against
Rape in Africa’ (PARA), a PAN World Global rape foundation aimed at fighting
rape in Africa and Panellists carefully selected from the professional and
business sectors, the conference would be one of its kind.
The conference is planned as a forum for
discussions with professional women, providing them a platform to interact and
share their experiences and survival tactics in a very demanding world. Another
objective is to provide support for vulnerable female professionals. It would
be an excellent networking opportunity for all delegates. 
Participation fee is NGN10,000 (Ten Thousand
If you’re ready to join the cause, let’s
hear your story and contribution… Don’t underestimate what it can do!
Four Points Sheraton Hotel, Victoria
Island Lagos
Date: 20th of November, 2015
For more info please Contact:
Segun Akande: 07036695005
Joseph Edgar 08051000195
Twitter: @Shconference
Facebook: Sexual Harassment Conference