After 16 years of deleterious governance of Nigeria by the PDP, Nigerians were inarguably left this time in a state of fear and evaporating hope. Then the God of humanity gifted us with another chance of salvation, and for Nigeria to reclaim its rightful position amongst the League of Nations with a leader that is widely acknowledged as an upright, morally sound and disciplined individual in the person of President Muhammadu Buhari.
Been a pragmatic and time-conscious person, I burdened myself with what viable options the new government is likely to venture into within the timeframe it’s been mandated to govern. Realistically, the new president just has over 2 years to perform his social and economic surgery. i.e 2015 is apparently gone especially with our unready ministers, and by mid-2018 a new wave of political aspirants would have begun to spring out in readiness for the prospective election, which in most cases hampers effective governance by disrupting mundane time needed to deliver set out promises. Thus, cogent governing-time ends up been halved to partake in politicking and window-dressing.
Just about a week ago, one of the President’s media assistant came out to reinstate his boss’s commitment regarding the securing the lives and property of Nigerians as its topmost priority which is very commendable, that been said we mustn’t lose sight of the sacrosanct reason why Nigerians trooped out in their manifold representing all age-grades to support their perceived saviour and voted him to power, aided by the wide believe that he’s well equipped to address the endless problems bedeviling Nigeria, and as such decided to entrust him to lead us to Nigeria’s Shangri-La.
Lest we get carried away in our new euphoria, we shouldn’t get amnesiac about other perpetually troubling issues. Firstly, the state of illiteracy that still looms in many parts of Nigeria especially the north. Secondly, the teaming unemployed still remain largely on the street as the ill-cultured fast-boys and sly-girls have taken succor in armed robbery and running baby factories in a bid to eke a living.
Thirdly, public hospitals are mostly in a state of comatose and merely seen as Primary Health-care Centre simply meant for consultancy due to inadequate beds and drugs; while the surroundings ooze of blood-stench and offensive drug-odour due to improper sanitation. Fourthly, our Ethno-religious difference and mistrust still remains glaring with no signs of dissipating soon, and finally Private enterprise and new investors largely remain docile and complacent to take initiatives owing substantially to lack of insight and a pronounced policy direction and economic foundation by the new gov’t, which is supposed to route and kick start them towards safer and viable portfolio management.
Since the advent of our so far uninterrupted democracy with President Obasanjo’s first and second coming which was greeted with so much hope and anxiety, because the people trusted he had an adept knowledge of how the deterioration of Nigeria had come about plus his nationalistic ambiance and commitment to democracy. A preponderance, myself inclusive presumed he would be well equipped to fashion out ways to get Nigeria out of the woods, I still recall a few media jingles about the Electricity reforms his government undertook back then. Afterwards ushered in, President Yar’adua whose presidency was short-lived by ill health and later death, then came finally President Jonathan whose presidency isn’t quite hard to recount its hardship and lack of direction. The rest as we know is now history.
All the foregoing leaders enjoyed a substantial amount of goodwill, roaring reception and applause on their ascendance as President only for those hopes to be dashed away so quickly when the citizenry had sheathed their swords and let down their guards, just to realize they have been conned by another smooth-talking media aide or minister, with sugarcoated tales of progress while reality still bites like nothing ever changed, as basic social welfare of the people remains barely addressed. Like a friend of mine will always say “After all the grammar and executive council meetings, “All Nigerians want largely is a Welfarist leader who will give them that glimmer of hope by bringing visible good tidings to the table, say cheaper prices of foodstuffs, lesser charges for transport fare, stable provision of pipe borne water and electricity, jobs opportunities for the youth and prompt payment of pensions to our senior citizens”.
So while addressing Corruption and Insecurity, it’s needful to take a look at the larger-indigent society who are languishing in penury and quandary. More so, I wish to suggest that in an era of prudent management of resources, the Government will do well by looking beyond prejudice of the previous administration and taking a look at the resolution arrived at during the just concluded National Conference.
I’m sure not all resolves and propositions made were sentimental, and not all should be thrown into the bin, especially as we have little or no time for trial and errors policies.
Conclusively, we will recall the Civil War gladiator who fought for the unity and oneness of this country, Yakubu Gowon. His government was toppled mainly due to his unfulfilled promises as a leader and by extension didn’t meet the expectation he had set out for Nigeria and Nigerians. Now that politicians have lost and won their battles, it’s time to win over a nation that its majority population believes have met its heaven-sent Saviour.
In essence Mr President, you have just over 2 years to save us from eternal cynicism and national apathy. Dear President Buhari, the time to act is now!