Real Madrid legend, Zinedine Zidane has claimed that Lionel Messi rivalry motivates Cristiano Ronaldo . The ex French international added that the current world best player is  driven by the desire to get more goals than his nemesis.

‘Fifty to 55 goals per season is just not human. But you should see him at training. At training, he’s a guy who every ball, every match, every corner… he wants to score, he wants to win. And when he scores he does the same thing he does in a match. He’s happy and he falls to his knees to celebrate… it’s incredible.

The ex Juventus player continued, ‘There’s a feature in all of that and it’s that there’s another player opposite who pushes him. That’s to say the rivalry he has with Messi. He doesn’t need that to perform. But what keeps him scoring 55 to 60 goals a season is the fact that he says to himself: This year I have to score one more than the other guy every time.’