OMG! Not laughed like this in weeks. Apparently the guy’s mom does not like the lady and I’m certain no one in the family would believe she would print a nasty invite like this. She probably had a better lady in mind or expected a more suitable wife. I got this from Linda Ikeji’s website and i thought to share.  
“You are regretfully invited to the wedding between my perfect son

The Doctor 

And Some 

Cheap Two Bit Tramp
Whose name escapes me right now

The Biggest disaster in my family’s history will take place at
9pm on Saturday September 8th.

And no doubt end in Divorce.
Hopefully in time to still be eligible for an annulment.
The Overwhelmingly disappointing heartbreak of a ceremony
Will be followed by dinner where nuts will be served
Because  Whatsherface has an allergy.

Poor Girl! If the pair are happy together, it should’t bother the lady much…but then she should prepare for a very strained relationship with the motherinlaw.