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The Blues’ strings of defeat this season, Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho is
confident his team would make it to the top 4 on the log. The Premier League
Champions recorded their 4th league defeat in 8 games today after losing 3-1 at
home to Southampton. Despite being 16th in the table, the Portuguese coach sees
his team bouncing to the top in the coming months. 
The 52
year-old in a post-match interview today said there is no way he will resign adding that Chelsea cannot have a better manager. 
He told
Sky Sports, “I want to make it clear.
One, I don’t run away. Two, if the club want to sack me they have to sack
me because I am not running away from my responsibilities or my
team.” “To be champions now is very difficult because the
distance is considerable. But I am more than convinced that we will finish
in the top four and when the season is so bad if you finish in the top four it
is OK. Third – and I think this is even more important than the first and
the second – it is a crucial moment in the history of this club. You know
why? Because if they sack me they sack the best manager this club had. The
message is again that bad results and the manager is guilty.”
Mourinho says there is no way he will resign. He says Chelsea cannot have a
better manager so no chance he will run away. He added that he has his professional
pride and he loves the club very much, so the combination means he is going to
stay and he’ll stay until the owner or the board tells him they don’t want him
to. And he points out he said the same last season. The ex Real Madrid manager thinks
by December, January or February that the team will be back in the top four. He
also said he spoke to the players this week and they confirmed they think he is
the man for the job