Chelsea Manager, Jose Mourinho has for the umpteenth time defended his team following their 3-1 loss to Everton this afternoon. Steven Naismith came off the bench after nine minutes to score a hat-trick. It was Chelsea’s third defeat of the Premier League season.

Mourinho says he isn’t under any pressure despite Chelsea’s strings of defeat. He told BT Sport after the game. 

“I’m the man for the job. I’m the man who did so many good things for Chelsea .. I’m the man.‎ I’m not feeling under pressure. I’m feeling the results are the worst ever in my career. I don’t blame my players, I don’t blame myself. I don’t accept the result and I am responsible for the team I’m not happy with the situation or myself. 


“I am not against the players I don’t have a bad feeling against them. I’m happy that tomorrow I face them again and I will be happy to prepare them for the next game.

“The results are going wrong too wrong for our quality and for our status too wrong for what the players deserve. The players deserve more than the results they are getting – it is easy for people to criticise me and the players and everything is wrong but I disagree completely.

“I am a champion so are the players the way they are playing is not as bad as the results but in every game everything goes against us.”
However, The self-proclaimed Special One still believes they are still much in the title race.

“Until mathematically it is impossible we are still the champions. I don’t know because we depend on many things including improving ourselves. But when you are many points behind we depend on others.”


“I do not feel under pressure – these are the worst results ever in my career they do not reflect my quality or status but I can cope with the situation.

“I will not put more pressure on the players they feel sad and frustrated enough. The first mistake we make Naismith is alone and scores a goal that is a frustration for our players. The last thing they need now is for me to be critical. Let’s wait for better days and better results.”