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Jumia needs no introduction as it has become a household name in the e-commerce industry. However, what you seem not to know is the fact that you can have your piece of all the billions exchanging hands on a daily basis by being an independent sales consultant too.

This is to apprise you of how well you have missed and enlighten you on how you can achieve the following:
* Get paid to shop/buy on Jumia
* Get paid to help people shop/buy through Jumia
Freedom they say is doing whatever you want whenever you want and not having to worry about how much it costs.  Jumia has presented you and I the opportunity to do what we want,  when we want and never EVER have to think about how much it costs as all resources have been put in place.
*Age is not a barrier
*Location doesn’t matter
*Educational level doesn’t count
*and most of all,  whether employed or unemployed,  you can be a part of this and still make as much as u desire just like some people do right now. Even stay @ home mums!
Testimony of a Captain Consultant:
Being an independent sales consultant for Jumia has been the best opportunity I have seen in ages.  It costs no dime to Join and you determine your paycheck….. 
You are invited to be a part of the Jumia JForce Movement. You are empowered to get paid on all your personal purchases and also on all you help people buy through Jumia.
For everyone you help become a consultant too you get paid despite the fact that it doesn’t cost anything to Join.  Isn’t that wonderful?
Information is knowledge! Thousands of people are embracing this opportunity and generating unending cool cash monthly leveraging on this same information I just shared with you. Don’t just know but ACT and do that NOW.
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Being poor is simply Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. Don’t let this opportunity to earn while you shop pass you by. It’s a great way of saving so much on your needs.

Take for example,  for every N1,000 worth of item that that captain guy above buys from Jumia,  he gets paid N400, isn’t that interesting?
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Act Now!  No one bold enough to realize their dream is hesitant. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

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