Ex Barcelona player, Patrick Kluivert who spent 6 years at the Spanish club, made182 appearances for Barcelona and  scored 90 goals has claimed that Lionel Messi needs‎ his arch-rival, Cristiano Ronaldo to motivate him and increase his efforts and performance on the pitch.

He told the Mirror,


 “Messi is in a different dimension with his football, but I also think he urgently needs someone like Cristiano Ronaldo. He needs someone who gives him an incentive to go for it every game, to see each match as a challenge. Both players are world class and a level above the rest.”

Kluivert also spoke of his desire to be a coach at the Camp Nou.

“It ‘s my dream to be coach of Barcelona . ‎

// family: Calibri, ‘Slate Pro’, sans-serif;”>Yes, I know it is certainly a possibility which is far away , but who knows what might happen . Luis Enrique was a leader on the field in our playing days and always crazy about football . These two features – leadership and passion – ensure he’ s a top trainer . It makes sense he’ s done well. ‎”