I’m frustrated jo. I have been trying to get the pictures of Civil Servants Prostrating for my Governor having been caught coming to work late. The picture was so graphic with the worker in the picture and on the floor, flat out and begging for his job. His Excellency holding a microphone was most likely admonishing the worker and asking him to explain why he should not be ‘flogged’. This is my candidate for Presidency after the tenure of Lopsided Buhari. A President that will eat with market women, a President that will drive Trucks and make sure that Civil Servants prostrate and beg for coming to work late. My vote is for Fayose as I believe very strongly that Nigeria is ripe for this level of discipline. Can you imagine what Fayose would do to NNPC staff who do not know the exact amount our oil is sold for. They would be flat on their tummies trying to explain just how much they have lost in their various schemes. My Oga keep up the good work and while you are at it, add frog jump and touching your toe as official state policy on the reorientation of the people. You have my vote anyday.

Oshiomole VS Orubebe

These two have been going at it like a house on fire. All sort of names like Motor park touts, garage boy, jobless tout and a host of respectable expletives have been thrown around. Me I don’t know what their problem is these two. Instead of them to respect themselves, they are busy struggling to show us whose face is the ugliest in the market square. Decorum has been thrown overboard and the public have been fed with a roforofo we did not ask for and we certainly are not interested in. I can understand Orubebe’s frustration which showed very clearly when he jumped on stage during the elections with his bowler hat, microphone in hand in an attempt to push back the ‘change’ we had all voted for but Adams own is the one I don’t understand. Everything seems to be going for him, what with a very beautiful new wife, brand new suits, a visit to America, a new World Bank Loan and a possible appointment as Minister of Information in addition to his governance of Edo State why would he now be risking that to show us a dirtier Amaechi/Wike fight. By the way what is wrong with our Leaders in the south this season? Everybody is fighting and calling themselves out, from Wike to Amaechi and now Orubebe and Oshiomole while things are passing us by. Is it the time Ministers have been announced and in our new balancing act, we as a region get only the Minister for Culture and the remaining ministerial slot goes up north in this our new craze for meritocracy that we will understand that we need to be united and face serious issues. Na wa.

100 days- Buhari’s Achievements
Every administration in a democracy has to celebrate its 100days. This tradition I want to believe started with the Americans and have become the cornerstone of democracy. I have heard all sort of rubbish about this our present government not achieving a lot in its first 100 days which is fast approaching. I beg to disagree. Me personally I have counted so many worthy achievements that if I start there will be no space to list them on this page. But because of Femi Fani Kayode and Olisa Metuh who will disagree with me, let me list out small. This government has redefined the meaning of balancing and merit in its short time of being in power. Today, we now know that merit and balancing means the lopsided concentration in appointments to one section of the federating units. This example I have taken in choosing my own cabinet as the recently elected chairman of our street association. All my aides come from Akwa Ibom, even though we are in Shomolu. This is because I used merit as a strong criteria in choosing them especially the Street Treasurer. Another achievement worthy of note is the 75m Loan granted Edo State. If you know how these loans are granted you will understand the need to celebrate it. Obasanjo has just celebrated the longest he has stayed without criticizing a sitting government. This government has achieved that monumental feat. OBJ has continued to support this regime and even agreed to go on some errands on their behalf. The Government has not arrested any critic, despite the oga’s known impatience with the Press and critics. If we don’t get one arrest by the 100 days, then we should be gunning for the Nobel Peace Prize for our leader. Another major achievement so far is the hosting of the UN Secretary General who has come to lend his voice to the growing applause our regime has been receiving. Furthermore, a major visit to America was embarked upon with strong visibility in the worlds media. This visit to me can be highlighted as a major achievement in our first 100days in power. Strong photo opportunities with President Obama emerged, Oshiomole wore a new suit, Rochas Okoroacha even erected billboards to mark the epoch making event and finally on my list of significant achievements, for the first time in our history the opposing party was very instrumental in the selection of the Senate President. If this is not democracy then what it is and lest I forget, the probes. Everything and everybody is being probed. This was a major campaign promise and yet some people are accusing the Government in reneging in campaign promises. They promised a major assault on corruption and that is what we are seeing with the probes of everything from the former President to the last Motor Park Touts. So as you can see there is a lot to celebrate, it’s just this arm chair critics that litter our political space who just want to cause katakana who are just confusing us. I rest my case.

Sexual Harrassment and the University Of Lagos.

I really wanted to ignore this issue until I read an article over the last weekend on this matter. The writer talked about her own experiences while at Unilag which I must say is my own alma mata too. She talked about how she was coaxed for sex by her lecturers before being passed in exams. Before this, was also the well publicized rape case between a lecturer and a student seeking admission. Unilag have come out to say that the suspect was not part of them despite the fact that the assault took place within their premises. This issue has to be addressed once and for all. That school is a cesspool of rapists and would be rapists. Everybody and anybody is being harassed in the place. It is a free for all and there are no saints. The students harass the lecturers and the lecturers in turn harrass the students and themselves. It’s a cesspool which can be likened to the biblical Sodom and Gomorah. I don’t know how this issue can be thrashed out in that school as the matter is now part and parcel of the school. They even came out to deny the lecturer in a shameful bid at a cover up. During orientation excercise, I believe that you are even told to expect to be harassed and the fact that you are a married woman would not give you any immunity. My wife was harassed, me I was harassed and now my daughter has told me, she would like to attend Unilag, me and my wife slapped her simultaneously before she finished her sentence. She will go to that University inside the Redeemed Camp. At least that one Holy Ghost Fire will slap any randy lecturer that goes near her. I think our government should unleash one of its probe panels on that place with a view to not only punishing all culprits but also seeking for ways with which the issue could be tackled effectively. But they should be careful sha, because I suspect that by the time they are through there will be no lecturers left in the place to teach. Unilag has gone to the dogs, a center of excellence in sexual Harrasment. Rubbish.

Segun Odegbami

Chairman At The International Sports Academy Segun Odegbami For FIFA President

Ole boy see ambition. The man never even try Ogun State FA na a whole FIFA he dey jump to. Why do we like making a mockery of ourselves in this country. Instead of us to just respect ourselves and stay quietly looking for how we will solve our myriad of problems, some of us will be exposing our craw craw infested bottoms on the international scene. Odegbami throwing his candidacy if he is serious would only just make for laughter and mockery and a side show during the elections. Abeg, make he go rest. You think it’s to speak ijebu English on TV and to run around the place in past glory is the only qualification to be FIFA President or is his candidacy one of the APC electioneering promises that must be fulfilled. I can’t stop laughing since I read the story. Egbon, please come to Shomolu our FA needs a chairman with your kind experience, please start from there no vex.

Goodswill Akpabio An Uncommon Accident

My ex Governor was recently involved in an uncommon accident and I thank the Lord almighty for preserving his life. This is my Oga for life because it was he who transformed my state in a feat of uncommon transformation to the eldorado it is today. You should see the road that leads to my mother’s house at the Ewet Housing Estate in Uyo then you will begin to see why my total admiration and adulation cannot be adulterated. I thank God for sparing the life of this worthy citizen of Akwa Ibom even as I pray that no weapon sharpened by your enemies shall prosper against you, no probe shall come near you in the name of the mighty father who has made you what you are today. I am already organizing a thanks giving service here in shomolu for all natives of Akwa Ibom who live hear to sing praise and worship to the Lord for sparing your life. I sincerely hope this accident is not the work of your political enemies or Boko Haram but whatever the case we thank God. Sorry sir, pele. It is well. Kpe.

Joseph Edgar is an investment banker, he writes as a hobby and blogs at Josephedgarng.blogspot.com