Anaya Lee Willabus, an eight-year-old Guyanese girl has staked a claim as the youngest author in the US. Her book “The Day Mohan Found His Confidence.” not only gained momentum in New York but brought her international acclaim. Anaya/stories have been been featured in several newspapers in the USA, Canada, Guyana and has also been invited to over 10 different events locally and internationally. The US-born writer made her inaugural trip to her homeland in April 2014 and was inspired to write after the visit.  

8 yr old
Born in Brooklyn to Dimple and Winston Willabus, Anaya’s passion for books started at an early age. She was taught to read by her father at age 2, kept notes in her book when she was 5, now she has read more than 500 books.  She memorizes and reads different genres of book every year. When she’s not immersed in a book, Anaya plays with her doll, plays football or spends time with her family in the park. She was recently recognized at the New York State Assembly chamber

Her published work, a children’s book which sells on Amazon for US$6.99  “sheds light on how you can overcome challenges at school as well as at home. Explore a different culture and dive into a world of realistic fiction.”