1. When he reads newspapers before breakfast 
2. When he reduces your maintenance fee and then says, “You are lucky, in our time we trekked to school, manage it.”
3. When he inserts history into every conversation you have. 
4. When he shows you off before his friends. “This is my son John, he studied Human Understanding at Muhammadu Buhari University, he’s going for his masters abroad soon.”
5. When he turns morning or night prayers into a revival service.
‎6. When he wakes you up in the middle of the night and ask you to prepare tea or food.
7. When the only thing he’s interested in on TV is NTA Network News (9pm.‎)
8. When his reproval instruments are his leather belt, cane, flip-flops, brooms etc.
9. When he starts asking your friends who pay you a visit series of questions.
10. When he scans his daughter(s) outfits before they step out of the house.

11. When he tells you he always comes first in class.

12. When he shouts your name in an angry tone (you always know you are in soup). “A-n-g-e-l-i-n-a, come here right now”
13. ‎When he compares you to his friend’s child just because you refuse to study the course he wants you to study.
14. When he calls your full name when he catches you sneaking into the house late in the night.
15. When as a guy he tries to engage you in a fist fight and ‎boasts of how much of a fighter he was and no matter how grown you are he can still overpower you.
16. When he seizes your items (especially the ones you like most) for disobeying him.
17. When he calls his children and asks them who broke or spoilt an item. And then he goes, “So none of you did it, stool down.”