Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is a cause I am committed to, I’ve seen people die of breast cancer and No, you have no idea of the excruciating pain they go through before their demise.
Aimed at sensitizing the public on the breast cancer endemic  and how to prevent and take proper medication against it through soccer, the Kickoff Against Breast Cancer awareness initiative/ soccer tournament is scheduled to hold at the INDOOR SPORT HALL, Sport centre, University of Lagos.
Kick Off is going to be a competition between eight female hostels existing in the University of Lagos; Makama Hall, Fagunwa Hall, Madam Tinubu Hall, Queen Amina Hall, Kofo Hall, Honours Hall, Moremi Hall, and Medilag Hall.
The eight (8) teams consisting of fifteen (15) players will be coached by some of Nigerians best celebrities DJ and artistes, each hostels would compete for cash prizes, trophies amongst others. Every member of each team would be presented with a medal for appreciation for participating in KICK OFF.
Also there would be a breast cancer awareness seminar/talk at the end of every match also not forgetting the music and comedy performances.
The BREAST CANCER initiative seminar will include free BREAST CANCER screening test and giveaways.