Lemme explain to those who don’t get the drift. The name Eva Carneiro should ring a bell to real Chelsea fans. Long story short. She’s Chelsea’s team doctor.  She fell out with the Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho  after she entered the pitch to treat Eden Hazard as Chelsea were defending a set piece during their 2-2 draw at home to Swansea City a week ago. 
Mourinho claimed she didn’t understand the game, one thing led to another and she was stripped of her match day duties, a development which saddened most if not all Chelsea fans.
So this naughty Manchester City fan today decided to irk the hell out or better still poke fun at of the Blues manager today. He sat near the Chelsea dugout, dressed up as a doctor with a white jacket and stethoscope and a badge round his neck which read “Chelsea Team Doctor”- representing the absent Eva Carneiro.
I hope Eva sees the picture and smiles. As for Mourinho, hope he noticed the dude before the game.