From being studied as a course in a university, having a galaxy named after him to paying bucks to look like him, Cristiano Ronaldo might be the most admired sportsman on planet earth. Perhaps, no one loves the Portuguese star than Danish teenager, Shanta Ronaldo. Shanta’s life virtually revolves round the two-time world best footballer and he’s even spent thousands of pounds to look like the football icon.

He disclosed to the Daily Mirror that, “The reason I wanted to get a life like him is that he is rich, famous and living the life. I’ve met him for a couple of times and I can’t explain such a fantastic person he is. I’ve no idea how much I’ve spent emulating him it’s definitely in the thousands though. He used his time very good for me where we spoke a lot.

“I waited every day at Valdebebas [Real Madrid’s training ground] from 9am to 2pm just to see him. Now, he knows me it means every time I go to Madrid I can meet him, which I am so proud of. Wherever, CR7 goes I’m with him. He even knows it himself. I try to visit him as soon as possible. I’m already planning my next trip which is very soon.”

He added that, “All my friends, my family call me Cristiano Ronaldo. They know my passion and respect it. Some may think I’m crazy, but that’s the way I am. People tell me, ‘be yourself’ but I cannot be myself more than I am now. He’s not just my passion, but he motivates me.”