Cesc Fabregas has insisted that his love for Arsenal will always remain regardless of the reception he gets from the fans of his former club.
Fabregas who spent 8years at Arsenal before joining Barcelona and then moving on to Chelsea has been tagged by several fans of Arsenal as a traitor for joining their rival club.
He said this over the community shield match that will take place between Chelsea and Arsenal on Sunday at Wembley stadium.

“Whatever it is, it is. The love I have for that club will never change whatever happens and what is the most important is what I have with me are the memories,” said Fabregas.

“The rest doesn’t matter. I have great memories, love and respect for the club. You will never hear anything bad from me about them. ‎Of course, it is not the most important game but we want to win and compete. It is a big game, a London derby at Wembley in front of all the fans — it’s a nice competition to play in.

“Even if it is a preseason game you still want to win. We are not worried that they might be fresher than us — they started 10 days before us — but we are competitors, we will want to win and it will probably be a great game.”