French club, Marseille have announced the signing of ex-Arsenal Midfielder Abou Diaby for an undisclosed fee.
Abou Diaby whose nine years stay at Arsenal was marred by series of injuries revealed in a statement that he intends to start on a clean slate.
He told his new club’s official website: “It’s an honour and enormous joy to join OM. It’s a great club, and I think that to come back, I could not find a better place than here, so I’m really very happy. You could say that it’s a new start, but you could also say it’s a new chapter. In any case, I have joined OM. My goal is to come back and re-find the joy of playing football.”

He added: “I understand that people are sceptical about my shape, and the reality today is that I haven’t played for two years. In four years, I have played very few games, but I’m here to get myself in the best position possible to get back to my best. But yes, I totally understand their scepticism.”