Manager of Manchester city, Manuel Pelligrinni has disclosed that Sergio Aguero and other South American players in the team will miss start of the season in order to get enough rest.
Pelligrinni stressed that it is crucial they get enough rest after having played so many games throughout the year.
“I think in football it’s so important to work hard, but also resting has the same importance,” Pellegrini told reporters.
“You have so many games throughout the year that if you don’t give them 30 days after they’ve finished their internationals, it’s very difficult for them to work hard. It’s more difficult for the South American players because Pablo Zabaleta, Martin Demichelis, Sergio Aguero and Fernandinho finished later, the first days of July, so they won’t have 30 days. I think when we return to Manchester they will start their preseason. Maybe they will not be involved in the first game, but I am sure they will work hard and will be involved as soon as they can.”

Martin Demichelis, Pablo Zabaleta, Aguero and Fernandinho have not been on City’s preseason tour to Australia, having been given time off after the Copa America.