“I love the way you look at me. It makes me feel truly beautiful.”
Tara’s voice was slightly husky, emotion lacing the edges.
Tade smiled coyly. His eyes were heavy with desire. With his arms still around her, he drew her closer and crushed her lips with his. His right hand traced lines down the back of her head, right to her neck. Tara shut her eyes, the sensation of his fingers sending tremors down her back. She kissed him back fiercely and paused after about a minute only to catch her breath.
“Your body is so perfect. It feels like a temple where I was made to worship.” Tade murmured. Tara giggled and slapped his arms.

“I’ve told you to stop saying that.”
“But it’s the truth. One year married to you and it still feels like I’m dreaming, you know. You are perfection. And I’m talking body, mind, personality, everything.”

Tara smiled.

“You are so poetic.”

“I’m not even trying.”

Tara gently withdrew herself from his embrace.
“I’ve got a flight to catch luv.
Tade stepped forward and kissed her neck, his arms instinctively going around her again.
“I know. But I wish you didn’t. The frequent trips, they make me miss you a lot.”

Tara indulged him for a few seconds before pulling away. She grabbed her top off the corner of his bed and hurriedly threw it on.
“I love you Tade. You are everything. And if this wasn’t work, I swear I’d stay here in bed with you all day.”

She kissed him on the forehead and walked into the bathroom.
Tade sighed and ran his hand over his head. He sat on the bed and drew his laptop close to himself.
Tara walked back into the room a few minutes later, light make-up on, hair neatly in place.
“You should put on a shirt you know. That chest is err… very distracting.”
Tade chuckled and pushed the laptop away.
“Come here darling.”‎ Tara grinned.‎
“Not on your life.”

She pulled out a small bag from the closet and walked to the door.

“32 hours. I’ll be back. Then we can pop a bottle of champagne and I’ll make that fish sauce you really like with fried yams and we can do any and everything you want.”

Tade met her at the door in one swift movement.

“And make a baby perhaps?” Tara smiled

“I’m still not ready yet darling. But we can talk about it when I get back.”

Tade’s face fell.

“Alright then. Have a safe trip babe.”
He kissed her one more time on the lips and walked back into the room.
Tara walked out of the airport in Abuja shading her eyes with her hands. She smiled as she spotted the young man with a little girl on his arm and she walked briskly towards them.
“Hey princess!!”
She plastered the little girl’s face with kisses and the young man who carried the child smiled.
“Hey babe.”
Tara looked at the man’s face and grinned.
“Hey heartbeat.”
She kissed him lightly and then lifted the little girl from his arms. He took Tara’s bag and they walked together towards the car park.

“I missed you so much Chris. And Adaora too.”

“You should be home more often then.”

Tara stopped in her tracks but Chris continued walking. She opened her mouth and shut it a few times then joined him at the car.
“You seem rather stiff. What’s wrong?”

Chris started the car and sighed.
“2 years Tara. 2 years. You’ve been on the road every single month. Adaora barely recognizes you as her mum. And me? I’m not even sure what we are. You stall on marriage, you blame it all on work and you make it seem like you do not want to be with me as much as I want to be with you.”

“Chris. You’re busy too. You work late hours, you claim you understand the importance of my job but lately it’s been looking as though you want me to put my life on hold for you.”

“I’m not asking you to put your life on hold Tara. I’m asking that you settle with me here. Let’s build our lives together. We have a kid. We’re crazy about each other. Why can’t we just be together here?”

“Why can’t we just not fight every time I come around?”

The little girl began to cry and Tara rocked her gently.
“I’m not trying to fight Tee. I’m just saying I want more. You’re making me look like a single father. That is just so weird.”

Tara sighed and remained quiet. Chris did not say anything either until they got to their destination.
As soon as Tara was settled in the living room, she picked up her phone and typed out a text message.
“I think I’m going to lose it. Chris is talking marriage again.”

A response came in shortly.
“You lost it a long time ago. Tired of telling you this. Your life is essentially two parallel lines. Find a way to make them meet.”


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