Juventus director general, Giuseppe Marotta has confirmed speculations and news that midfielder Arturo Vidal will be leaving the club for Bayern Munich. Marotta told reporters that Vidal who helped Juventus win four successive Serie A titles and reach the final of the last season Champions League final has expressed a desire to embark on a different experience. The Biaconeri official also reiterated the desire of the club to reinforce the squad and maintain the winning model.
“Vidal has expressed his desire to embark on a different experience, just like [Angelo] Ogbonna, [Carlos] Tevez and [Andrea] Pirlo, It’s our duty to maintain our trend of success by reinforcing a winning model. Our aim is to a) equip the boss with a competitive squad and b) ensure the balance sheets are kept in good order.

“We’re happy that we’ve lowered the average age of the squad. We’re already a competitive side. We’ll plug the odd gap in the squad if and when the right opportunity arises.” He said.