Why do I have a feeling they will get back together? Kourtney Kardashian has parted ways with her longtime sweetheart Scott Disick after the latter was spotted partying with his ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli.
The father of 3 and his ex were seen feeding each other on a yacht in France with their own forks. “She was nuzzling her head on his shoulder, and he was stroking her arm and thighs.” An eye witness revealed.
Albeit she’s yet to make an official confirmation on the split but several sources hinted Us Weekly “She really has had it this time. Kourtney is freaking out and kicked him out again. She can’t believe he’d be so stupid to embarrass her and be photographed all over Chloe. Kourtney is flipping out and going crazy and says she’s done with him, but they’ve been through this before. He just hasn’t publicly embarrassed her like this and to this level. She says it’s over, but I know they will end up getting back together for the kids and the show.”