As I look at this lady’s picture, the Mona Lisa comes to my mind. The mysterious and dazzling look of a strange and far off beauty. How this rare specie landed in the Palace of the withered Alafin remains a mystery that will take eons to decipher.
As I look at this picture, I begin to understand the meaning of true beauty, the almond shaped eyes, the full lips and the smooth skin like warm milk chocolate all combined to make the Alafin the most admired man on this side of the equator.With that kind of beauty, the Alafin should go for home schooling rather than unleashing her to the boisterous community that is the University of Ibadan. He would have to, apart from engaging the Nigerian Police Force put his juju men on strict alert to cause immediate seizure and epilepsy for any intruder as she goes about her studies.
But I ask, what would the Alafin be doing with this work of Art, at his age how would he exploit the opportunities that lie in those curves? Would he like the biblical King David just lay on his royal bed and allow the queen of Oyo sing his oriki and clean the sweat of frustration from his forehead as he mules what could have been if he was not all of 100 years old.
What is the use of buying a Range Rover if you cannot drive it, would you get total fulfillment if your driver keeps driving it, enjoying its melancholic humming as it dishes out smooth pleasure at every touch of the throttle? Would you get total fulfillment sitting at the back and watch as your driver imbues himself in the inner warmth of a gloriously built machine?
Won’t you one day just die from exhaustion as you get overwhelmed,  your poor old heart wishing and only wishing that you could for just 10 minutes be that young, solidly built driver.
Well make I keep my big mouth shut, wetin concern me. This lady has thrown once again the notion of the Nigerian Beautiful woman into public discourse. Are light skinned women more beautiful, do we as men prefer them to their darker skinned counterparts or why would the Alafin go for three of these variant?
The answer my friend, is in the air.
Thank you.‎
Joseph Edgar is an investment banker who writes as a hobby. He writes usually on trending topics from a satirical point of view. He blogs at