1. Bayern Munich coach, Pep Guardiola has a beautiful wife, kids, and he isn’t interested in starting another family. Don’t look in that direction. What he wants is the feeling that he’s loved in his managerial career.
  2. Speaking recently at a charity event, the Spaniard said his priority is not to win titles but to be appreciated.
  3. “I do all I am doing in my life to be loved. My ambition is not to win titles, I am looking for love, nothing more. I read in an article by an American educationalist that a child won’t learn if it does not feel empathy with the teacher. I try to use that in my work.

  4. “Often a player feels bad, because he thinks the coach does not like him and not because he is not playing. I had a great player once who did not score. We went to a cafe together to talk. Not about football but about life. In the next match, this player scored two of our four goals. He felt special because he felt loved.”