Ever wondered what makes a man ideal? 
In a recent among a group of people, the issue “what makes a man” was raised. At the just celebrated Father’s day, a lot of men- fathers, fathers-in-waiting, young me, boys and “baby daddies” had a lot to rejoice about and it wasn’t just the fact that they were alive to witness another year of celebrations, some were celebrating their new progeny, their upgrade into adulthood, their capabilities as fathers and their abilities to produce children. While some are male at best, some others can actually be called men by the definitive standards.
The big question is, What are these definitive standards? What makes a man ideal?
Join us this Sunday 28th June 2015, 9am @ 105 Ogunlana drive Surulere, Lagos as we discuss the 4H Man- His Head, His Heart, His Hand and of course, His Handsomeness.
Host: Biodun Adeyanju; 
Guest attendance: Mai Atafo.
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