‎If you thought the idea of appreciating kids for graduating from schools/colleges via newspaper ads were outrageous. ‎Think again. The tables have turned.
World’s proudest mum, Ovella O’Neal was so thrilled about his son, Aljelani “AJ” Igwe‎’s graduation from high school (LEAP Academy University Charter School) that he decided to get the lad a billboard. The boy was shocked. Natural of him.
The billboard which costs the single mother of six  $725 was erected few days back and it would be up for about two weeks. It reads: “A mother can’t raise a man but I raised a gentleman. We have the total package.”
She told APC News, “He has always been a super kid. He is always on the right track.” She also talked about his issues with his female teachers.

 “AJ had a teacher named Sarah Sherman. She called me on a Monday and she Sherman told me AJ was being a little edgy with his female teachers. I was not having it. I had a long talk with AJ that night and told him some serious things about my past. I let him know if he continued to be disrespectful towards these women, he was saying it was ok that men in my life had disrespected me.”

Two days after, Sherman said, ‘I don’t know what you said to him, but he is totally different. Now if a teacher calls the worst thing they say is that he is a goofball in class.”
AJ would be studying Engineering   in college. His mom hopes he’ll pursue a career in the Army.
Credit: ABC News