As I go to work this morning with a melancholy that betrays my current state of mind, I decide to buy a comedy cd from the many pirates that pervade the third mainland bridge seeking for an escape. I had hoped that the so called comedy CD will brighten my mind and energies me for the day ahead. 
But instead, I am taken into a journey of utter stupidity. The crass and pure illiterate evocation of clowns attempting to be funny further worsens my case and got me thinking. What is comedy, is it the display of illiteracy and mind bending rendition, celebrating utter foolishness. I listen to a motley of comedians from the unknown to the known. As I listen to names like Akpororo, I go die, AY and the rest all I hear are banal attempts at making me laugh. 
However, I hear the crowd laughing and this tell me that if there was no market all these charlatans would not be out there making crazy money. Look in Nigeria, we have had some very clean comedians who have in their deliveries provided depth and strong healthy lessons to their audiences our generation gave Nigerians such greats like the late John Chukwu, Art Alade, yes Dare’s father and much more contemporary joke merchants like Alibaba and just maybe Julius Agwu.
Maybe we as a people have refused to come out of our re colonial servitude hence our continuous addiction to these banal offerings from barely literate goons.
We will say, we are creating an industry, we are providing jobs, we are healing society with laughter fine, the industry has been created, deepened and expanded but isn’t it time for us to clean it up so that we can export it and so that it can outlive this generation. 
Just thinking sha. I’m in a bad mood.‎