Jonathan Fleming, a black man who spent 25 years in prison after he was wrongfully accused of shooting a certain Darryl Rush in Brooklyn in 1989 has regained his freedom. 
New investigation revealed that he was on vacation with his family at Disney World in Bay Lake, Florida during the time of the murder. The evidence that led to his freedom? Phone receipts. After 25 years????
What do you feel for such a person? Sadness? Happiness? Such wasted years! Honestly I feel both. 
While in prison, Jonathan said “I never gave up. I had faith”. Albeit his situation is very painful, he should still count himself lucky. ‎Many people with similar cases will never get out alive, some have even passed away.
The 51 year-old initially sued New York City for $162 million but will now receive $6.25 million. A certain Alex Sutaru inspired by his touching story raised almost  $50,000 in a campaign for him.‎
He told The Guardian that he holds no grievances against his accusers despite what he’s been through.
“I’m not angry. But I think about all the things I could have accomplished during that time and I come out to nothing. No housing. No nothing. I missed the opportunity to raise my sons to be young men. I missed being there with my mother. Her health is real bad and I know she doesn’t have much time left since she is very ill. All those things were running through my head,” he said.