‎Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly angry with his club for these five reasons, AS learns.

1. The club did not protect him during the big controversy that surrounded his 30th birthday party. He hasn’t talked to the press ever since that happened.

2. He learned about his new position on the press. Nobody talked to him about whether he was going to start playing as a center striker or not, meaning that the rumours in the Spanish press were the only thing that let him know Benítez’s plans towards his position on the field.

3. He doesn’t want Jesús Olmo as Real Madrid’s main doctor. The players wanted Pedro Chueca back in the team but Real Madrid decided to keep Olmo instead and make him the central figure in Real Madrid’s improved medical services.

4. Benítez traveled to meet Bale but did not go to see Ronaldo.

5. Casillas and Ramos aren’t being treated fairly. He is worried about their situation and wouldn’t like to go through this same problem in the upcoming years.