Eagles striker Emmanuel Emenike has revealed that his late father, Felix Ndukwu Emenike, convinced him to join the Super Eagles. The Fenerbahce forward who buries his patriarch today at Imo State recalled fond memories of him.

“I will miss my father for his advice. He was the one who compelled me to play for Nigeria as he warned me not to honour invitation to play for any country no matter what. He told me I will be great, and after the AFCON 2013, he asked‎ me if I regretted playing for Nigeria, I just smiled and said ‘no’.”

He continued: “He always showed me the right way, and I have never regretted any of his advice. This is a man who has seen a brighter future for me and he always told me, my life begins after football. My elder brothers and the people in the community convinced him to let me choose football. He blessed my first trip to South Africa, and today I am living in his blessings. But I am sad he’s