Bisola a 22 year-old 200L Economics student in a reputable Nigerian University, a promising emerging professional in the finance sector  was accompanied into the hospital by her friend. 
She looked too frail. It was obvious she needed urgent help. We admitted her immediately and ran some laboratory and radiological investigations. Her PCV came out so bad,10% (normal is between 38-50%). The scan revealed massive putrefaction in the uterus (rottened baby). She knew she was doomed!

I asked her few questions and she revealed she got pregnant for a sugar daddy who ran away immediately he found out. She consulted some seemingly ignorant friends who gave her two options. 

To get rid of the pregnancy or keep it. 

The thoughts of keeping it drove her crazy. She opted for the other option. Too bad, she did it the wrong way. She reportedly took several doses of Ampiclox and unguided doses of hot gin (ogogoro) for over a week. The pregnancy didn’t come down but the baby had died inside of her. 

You know what it feels carrying a dead baby in your womb? The dead foetus had given a good medium for overwhelming infections all over her body and killing her softly too.  

Three things could save Bisola:
*Money to buy more blood
*Money to get high grade antibiotics 
*And God!

Unfortunately she couldn’t get a dime to bail herself. All efforts to reach her relatives kissed the dust. 
Bisola died after rigorous rescucitative efforts. We lost another captain of industry!

Where are the Emergency contraceptives?

Contraceptives are also know as birth control methods or devices used to prevent unwanted pregnancies and some by extension STDS.  

Emergency contraceptives are therefore birth control methods or devices that prevents unwanted pregnancies during, immediately after and few days after sexual intercourse. 

Contraceptives have been in use since ancient times but some cultures limit or discourage access to birth control because they consider it to be morally,religiously or politically undesirable. 

1. Post-Coital Contraception “After intercourse” – ‎After a single act of unprotected intercourse, the risk of pregnancy can be as high as 30% depending on when in the menstrual cycle the intercourse occurs amongst other factors. Post coital contraception sometimes referred to as “morning after” provides a second chance for a woman who has had unprotected sexual intercourse and who’s afraid of unwanted pregnancy.  

The popular one is the postinor and postinor 2. Kindly consult your doctor for dosage. 

The merits of the pills outweigh the demerits but like the proverbial dictum; Let everything be done in moderation. 

2. Barrier Method Of Contraception. ‎

Male Method:
Globally, condoms are the most common method of contraception. Modern condoms often made from latex have been available since the 19th century. They are also popular in reducing both unwanted pregnancy and STDS. 

Couples using condoms should also be aware of the need for emergency contraceptive pills should the condom break or slip during sex of potentially fertile period. The major drawback is that it may interfere with spontaneity of sexual act,reduce sensation during intercourse. But the perils of STDS and unwanted pregnancies outweigh the drawbacks. 

Female Condoms  ‎
The female barrier condom, femidom,though not popularly in use is a disposable,polyurethane sac with an outer ring at level of introitus and a looser inner vaginal ring. Their typical failure rate is about 21% hence need for pills. The female condom can be inserted up to 2-3hrs before sex to allow more spontaneity. It is cheap and readily available like the male condom. 

3. Coitus interrupts “The withdrawal method”
This is the practise of ending sexual intercourse “pulling out” the erect penis before ejaculation. The main risk of the withdrawal is that the man may get carried away with the pleasure as most times is the case,not to perform the maneuver correctly in a correctly or in a timing manner. This is a risky one as the sperm content of the pre-ejaculatory fluid is still arguably to be connected to fertility. If the timing is right,then the chances are increased,but not absolutely. 

4. Abstinence ‎
This method is without a device. It is practised such that the persons abstain either totally from intercourse or during the unsafe period. 

But if you no fit hold body,go wear raincoat. 

Conclusively some young ladies have abused contraception,even some have formed their own contraception. 

Hot gin is NEVER a form of contraception. This act leads to danger has we have read. If you MUST have unprotected sex, pls be “protected”. 

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