The undiluted comedy/drama you get on twitter at times. So this mild 2-cast drama staged few days back was between  Nollywood actress, Bukky Wright and her first son, Gbenga.
Gbenga popularly called Ojayy is an upcoming musician. After his graduation from an American school last year, Ojayy decided to focus on his music career and one of the steps he took was signing a management deal with his mum’s record label, Wright Media International.
And you know as a budding artiste, breaking into the Nigerian music industry will be his top priority. Ojayy had been trying to release his new single, ‘Hello’ for sometime now but was told to put it on hold for reasons best known to the company.
Probably pressurised by his teeming fans, he took the bull by the horn and released the song online (this happened few days ago). He’s even shot the video of the song in Texas. Hours after, his infuriated mother asked him to pull it down because it had not been approved.
An angry Ojayy instantly took to Twitter to vent his frustration. “People will disappoint you sometimes, even the ones closest to you. #take note” He wrote.
And trust Bukky Wright to fire back. “Things have to be done properly. My Opinions made me who I am today! Business is Business.” 

Business is Business. #Okbye. Lemme goan do more aproko!