Paul ‘Psquare’ Okoye has rubbished a report claiming they’ve stopped going to church because worshippers pay too much attention on them instead of God. The award-winning singing duo was quoted thus.
“Each time we attend, other worshippers would not listen to the Pastor’s sermon again. All eyes will just be on us. Instead of praying, some people will even decide to be starring at us. We were not comfortable with that and thought we were distracting a lot of people from serving their God, so we said to ourselves that we should stop going. All men are equal before God, so we don’t encourage people to abandon their primary purpose of being in church because of us,”
Paul has described the news as false.

“Pls all psquare fans, friends and well wishers….pls ignore all this news about psquare not going to church,….we never said anything like that and never had any interview or what so ever…,this world is full of wicked people…..yes it’s a free world people can say anything,about our private lifes, families and stuff, but if it has to do with God and church… re on ur own….the Thunder that will fire you is doing press up……tomorrow is Sunday, happy Sunday!! See u guys in church 1uv and God bless u all”

I’ll tag this one of the hottest reactions ever. Thunder ke!